123Movies Best Alternatives for Free Movies Online

Thinking of an alternative to 123Movies? Do you love watching movies online? Well, currently as 123Movies got shut down due to a violation of law, there is no update from the admins yet. The customers of 123Movies are looking for new alternatives to enjoy movies online.

There is no doubt about the fact that 123Movies was a favorite among people. It offers free and newly released movies for people all over the world. Now, people are searching for options to replace their favorite 123Movies. If you are also looking for options to replace 123Movies then just have a look at this list that we have created for you.

So, read on…


Putlocker is one great platform that allows the users to enjoy movie streaming that too for free. It is one great platform that allows the users to enjoy the best movies on the internet. It is a great platform for the movie lovers. Putlocker is also easy to use.

It is a great alternative for the 123Movies, it allows the users to enjoy millions of free movies that are easy to watch online as well as download. Now, the users will not have to worry about losing out on their favorite movies as Putlocker will allow them to enjoy movies for free!

The users can also enjoy the TV shows, favorite Disney movies and a lot more, that too for free without even the hassle of subscribing.


Another great option if you are looking for watching free movies is Yes Movies. It is one amazing website that allows the users to enjoy the best of movies without any worries. The movies will be available for the users with a clean interface that comes without the irritating ads that makes it worthwhile for the users. There are thousands of movies to choose from, so get yourself YesMovies for your dose of entertainment.


123Movies is an alternative to 123movies.tools and is the most popular movies database on the Internet that provides free, latest movies and updates every day. You can watch HD movies, TV shows, animations, anime and more.

123Movies is always updated with movies from various paid channels such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hallmark. You can also enjoy the Roku and Kodu application for smart TV.


SolarMovie is a favorite place to watch movies online for free. If you are looking for the best 123Movies alternatives, I’m sure SolarMovie is one of them. SolarMovie does not require registration, so you can enjoy movies without equipment and register an account. This is the best way to watch free movies on the internet. This site comes with a simple display interface and almost no ads.

You will also find features to access all movies and TV shows in just 1 click. What I like the most is that this site provides a variety of movie qualities such as CAM, SD, HD so you can watch the quality of the movies you need. I recommend choosing HD quality because it’s the best of the best for picture quality.


The last but not the least on our list is our very own Moviegaga. It is a great alternative option for 123Movies lovers. It is a famous website among the movie lovers who think that this platform allows the users to enjoy the best of movies and series that allow them a great range of content and enjoy great updates on the website. Also, this platform will allow the users to enjoy movies with the great content that is updated daily on the website.

So here we noted down the 5 best alternatives of 123Movies you can look to watch movies. I hope you enjoyed the article. For more updates stay connected.

What is 123Movies ?

Lately, viewers have been opting out of the usual cable TV networks and instead choosing a streaming website to watch their favorite movies. This is certainly a good option though. But also it raises concerns like, Is 123Movies legal ?

123Movies is an online streaming website. This allows the users to watch pirated movies online.

This website has a plentiful of titles to offer to their viewers.

One doesn’t even need to create an account or log in, so as to watch movies online. All one needs to have is, a device that supports internet. This can be your PC, laptop or a mobile phone.

This leads to another big question.

Is 123Movies legal ?

For the websites like 123Movies, it is hard to judge and tell precisely if they are legal or not. It completely depends on the country’s rules and regulations. If a country has strict rules against piracy, such websites are not considered to be legal because they showcase pirated content.

Which content is called illegal ?

Any content which is not obtained without a proper license can be termed as illegal.

Undoubtedly, 123Movies is not legal and also banned in the United States.

The content available on the website needs proper license to host. 123Movies failed to present it and thus was shut off or taken down completely. Though the website continued working with clone sites, but apparently they are all loaded with advertisements and unwanted pop-ups.

Out of all the domain names available online for the website, 123Movies.net works fine as of now.

This leads to a resultant question.

Is 123Movies safe ?

This question is often asked by many users and also aspirant users. Is 123Movies safe ? We say NO.

It is observed many a times that the website is responsible for distributing malware and viruses. This would harm the device of the users. The viruses and malware are sent to your computer through JavaScript contained on the website or via ads from the website.

If one still chooses to use the website, they should do so only after installing a strong antivirus and firewall.

Also, it is best recommended that one uses a strong VPN before the use of the website. This is so, because VPN has an end to end encryption which keeps the device safe from being hacked or traced.